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Miyamoto For President

Well, not exactly. Shigeru Miyamoto is one of video gaming's largest and most influential people, so it's no surprise that he deserves his place on TIME's 100 list. But according to hist last year 92nd placement between the world's fifth richest man and the author of "Secret", this is not much more than an insult to him and video gaming alike.

Miyamoto is up for round two on the 2008 TIME 100 List and with last year's outstanding number of Wii titles under his belt, gamers have banded together to try and put him far higher on the list like he deserves. Right now, there's a noticable upgrade from 92nd to 5th thanks to publications from Joystiq and other sites (including this one!), so if you believe he deserves more, feel free to vote for him.

[via TIME]

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