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Audiosurf Released

A new independent game called Audiosurf was released this afternoon. It can be classified as a casual game similar to Guitar Hero, where a highway is made using the tempo of the song playing, and colored blocks must be collected to form 3 groups or more. The hook of the game is that is can take any song (or actually audio file) and the game will analyze it, then make the highway. There is more than one type of way to play, and it's interesting to say the least. I may review it later, but for now I will just post two songs as example.

God Knows (the famous Haruhi Suzumiya concert song by Aya Hirano to Pointman Pro mode):

Through the Fire and Flames (the insanely hard Dragonforce song, to Double Vision Pro mode):

For anyone who is interested, the game and demo are avaliable on Steam now. The game is ten USD, demo is obviously free.

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