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Pro Gamer's Live Account Hacked for Halo 3 Armor

Halo 3's Recon Armor Skyllus vBi, a player on the pro gaming Team vBi, is feeling the pain of celebrity. After creating a popular Halo 3 video, Skyllus was given in-game "Recon Armor," which is only held by Bungie employees and occasional Live members. Of course, the kind people of Xbox Live wanted some o' dat Recon Armor for themselves, and Skyllus has reported three hacks on his account in the last 3 months.

However, the newest hack Skyllus is fighting off has been compounded by Live's unhelpful customer service. Unable to return Skyllus's lost account to him, Live customer service kept him waiting for hours and then informed him that there would be an investigation into the hack. Wonderful.

It's a shame that this sort of thing happens. Someone gets rewarded for a job well done, he receives something as trivial as a suit of armor, and still there are people who will take advantage of him because his name and Gamertag are well-known. Despicable.
[via Joystiq]

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