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God of War to Overclock PSP

Apparently, God of War for the PSP is going to overclock the processor from 222 MHz to 333. For all you semi-nerds out there, that means it runs faster.

The big thing you'd probably notice first is that compared to the 333 version, the 222 version seems choppier and laggy. That's a direct response to the increased processing power.

Second, you'll notice that there's shadows on all the characters. The faster processor allows the psp to handle all the shifting shadows, and even the lighting from Kratos's blades.

Finally, you will notice that the blood is much more detailed and does not disappear like in 300. It explodes into the air and smears onto the floor with every smack to an enemy's face.

So what's the significance? Well, directly, we could see more complex games out on the PSP in the near future, such as (this is a stretch, i doubt it will happen) Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, and a few other current gen games. Also, it could mean that homebrewers have a larger pallate to work on once they could crack the overclock code. I'd like to see a working PS2 emulator using this technology within the next year.


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