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Check Mii Out!

Check Mii Out The Wii's newest channel is out as of last night. The Check Mii Out channel was available around 12:45 a.m. UTC on November 12, 2007 worldwide. This new channel allows Wii users to post interesting Miis that they have created for public display. Then, other users can vote on those Miis and even download the Miis to their own Mii Plaza.

Also, there is a contest feature on this channel. There, users are able to enter contests which have certain themes. There, they can submit their creative Miis and people can vote to determine the winners of that category.

Overall, this new channel is inovative and simple, and so far, pretty interesting and fun to use. If you don't have this channel already, go to the Wii Shop Channel, and under Wii Ware, download this new software. Good job Nintendo, keep it up!
[via Nintendo]
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