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Sonic Enters the Brawl Battlefield!

Sonic in Brawl Finally, after months of speculation, Sonic has been confirmed as a playable character in the upcoming Nintendo Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Normally, we would wait until Dojo Day to announce a new character in the game, but Sonic's appearance in the game impacts the gaming community greatly. Being the second confirmed third-party character, Sega fans will be quite joyed to see their favorite blue hedgehog entering the Smash Bros. series for the first time.

On the Smash Bros. website, on October 10, they posted that Sonic has recently joined the roster of characters on the Brawl team, along with a gameplay video of the character. By far, Sonic may be the fastest character in the game, as he retains his speed from his other games. He also has the ability to curl into a ball, like in the games, and attack other players similar to Samus' move. Also, the video hints at a possible Final Smash for the character: a transformatin into Super Sonic! Well, that's all for now, and hopefully there will be more information on this character as the weeks go by. More information will be released during Dojo Day this week. 'Till then we'll all just have to wait!
[via Smash Bros. Dojo]
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