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Nintendo's Surprise Press Conference

Mario Kart Wii Nintendo pulled a fast one on us today, holding a Japanese press conference that caught most of the American gaming press off-guard. And believe me, this "Nintendo Conference Fall 2007" contained quite a large amount of Wii announcements. Here they are in bulleted form for your reading pleasure.
  • Monster Hunter 3, originally a PS3 title, will release on Wii, not PS3.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl delayed until January 24, 2008 in Japan. The SSB Dojo changes its US release date to an ominous TBD.
  • As previously mentioned, Brawl will feature Sonic as a playable character. In addition, the game will allow online co-op in Subspace Emissary mode.
  • Mario Kart is set for a tentative Spring 2008 release window. Also, the game will include motorcycles.
  • Wii Fit will release on December 1, 2007 in Japan.
  • The Wii Vote (I'm assuming Everybody Votes) Channel will be updated with the ability to rank games you've played and search for new ones you're interested in.
  • The Wii will be able to send DS demos to your DS using Wii Ware functions.
  • First "Wii Ware" downloadable original games announced. Pokemon Bokujou (Pokemon Farm) allows you to transfer Diamond/Pearl Pokemon into a farm where you can raise them. A new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game from Square Enix, titled The Young King and the Promised Land, allows you to build your own country. A new version of Dr. Mario that includes Miis and 4-player online is also part of the service. Mojipittan Wii, a word puzzle game from Bandai-Namco, and Star Soldier R were also announced.
  • You can play as your Miis in Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.
  • Super Mario Stadium Baseball briefly announced. Trailers shown for Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, and the new Crystal Chronicles
Anybody who can't find something that gets them a little excited in that list should be shot. Most of this has been predicted for a while, but in typical Nintendo fashion, they blew us away with how much they have given after such a long time of nothing at all. Going from no significant mention of Wii Ware to at least 5 titles coming out on the platform is a huge jump. Also, as I've been saying for months, the Wii is bound to start utlizing social networking fuctions. Well, here you have it, in the form of the soon-to-be-revamped Wii Vote Channel. Now, let's see if Nintendo can actually keep us interested in these new features, and not pull a "Friend Codes" on us. *crosses fingers*
[via IGN]
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