Special Brawl This week, we're on time! And a good thing, too, since there was quite the megaton announcement not too long ago. That's right, Master Chief is going to appear in Brawl, albeit as an Assist Trophy. Kidding kidding. If I'm not careful, you guys might actually believe me. This week, we've got a character confirmation, a new stage, and some cool options that give us names longer than a One Piece episode list. Welcome to Dojo Day.

Munchlax: The pre-evolved form of Snorlax, this little Pokemon walks around the stage for a bit, and eats any items he finds. Seems like an interesting little mechanic.

Lyn: Green-haired Fire Emblem swordfighter Lyn is an Assist Trophy. She drops in, dissapears, and then slices one of your enemies for you. nyoro~n, amirite?

Battleship Halberd: Meta-Knight's flying battleship, as seen in Subspace Emmisary mode, is, of course, a stage. You will fight on platforms in front of the ship, and eventually land on the deck, where a cannon can shoot beams at you and attack with a robotic arm. Yay for moar dynamic stages.

Special Brawl: Using features from Melee and adding new ones, this new menu item is incredibly cool. You can choose all different options such as size of the characters, metal, fire-breathing, and speed of movement. It even shows the effects of your options on a Mario to the right, and gives your selection a name similar to this article's title.

Ice Climbers: The rumors, the gossip, the rampant tabloid speculation. Britney Spears is actually Paris Hilton in disguise! More importantly, the Ice Climbers are confirmed as characters in Brawl. There was a widely believed (and later debunked) rumor many months ago that Mr. Game & Watch, the Ice Climbers, and Young Link were out in favor of Ridley, Bowser Jr., and Windwaker Link. This offically ends all speculation on that front, and most likely confirms that the other information (excepting perhaps the likely Young Link-WW LInk switch) is totally false, and G&W is still in.

Everything but Special Brawl and Ice Climbers is cool, but nothing special. Special Brawl is a brilliant idea, and I can't wait to see the craziness it will cause. HAL is going all-out on the customization front, and hopefully that long-lost rumor of custmoizable character stats will still hold true. The Ice Climbers look pretty nice, even in the gameplay shots underneath the obviously-touched-up rendering. It's also good to see that no characters will be leaving. See you all next week, when hopefully I can get the elusive Oracle to write you another article. *loads shotgun* Friendly persuasion's a beautiful thing.
[via Smash Bros. Dojo]
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