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AniGamers Creates Revolutionary Open-Written System with uWrite

Today, I am proud to announce AniGamers' newest feature, Project uWrite, which allows anyone, from anywhere, to freely post nearly any written content on AniGamers. That means that you now have the ability to post breaking videogame news, a review of your favorite anime, or an article about a trend in nerd culture, to the AniGamers site, where a growing community will read and respond to what you have written. This revolutionary feature makes us the first "open-written" anime and game website ever created.

More details on Project uWrite can be found right here on its main page. The forums have also been updated slightly to accomodate this addition. Though we just had a version update, this one moves us into AniGamers version 1.3. Thank you all for your support, and I hope to see many of our readers using the uWrite system in the future.

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