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Ken Kutaragi Officially Out

Today, Ken Kutaragi, former President of Sony's video game division, and the man heralded as the "father of the Playstation," officially stepped down, and will no longer be a part of Sony. This comes just a few months after April's announcement that he would step down to being an honorary chairman. Kutaragi's influence has been felt for years in the game industry, as he was the primary engineer involved in the creation of the extremely successful Playstation. Later, he was also hugely involved in the smash-hit Playstation 2, the PSP, and most recently, the Playstation 3. Ken has slowly faded out of Sony's management lineup after the dissapointing release of the PS3. Though he has officially left the company, I doubt we will see a huge difference in Sony due to his resignation.
[via Kotaku]
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