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Gone are the days of valuing any and all anime simply because, no matter the title, it’s a rarity solely available on VHS from that one small shop in Chinatown or through a friend of a friend who has a connection and two VCRs. These days, there are multiple options for legally streaming the majority of anime titles broadcast in Japan as they’re broadcast in Japan. In fact, the sheer number of these “simulcasts,” if you will, can be downright intimidating, and no-one can or should attempt to watch everything available no matter how much they like anime as a medium. Titles which originally intrigue, after all, do not always enthrall, and sometimes (just sometimes) shows that seem like wastes of time can turn out to be weekly staples. So if you read Ani-Gamers regularly and find your tastes close to those of any of our contributors, or even if you’re here for the very first time just looking for a clue as to the next series to watch from a particular broadcast season, these posts will be where you find the reasons behind what we’re watching, what we’re passing on, and what we’re adding to our respective growing piles of shame until vacancies in our consumption schedules appear.

As a shortcut with highly subjective and unsubstantiated numerical scores, feel free to check out our MALs:


Ink's Summer 2018: The horror.... The HORROR.... – 07.30.18
Evan’s Spring 2018: It's good to be the (editor-in-)chief. – 05.11.18
Phillip's Spring 2018: Horsing around with the classics. – 04.28.18
Ink's Spring 2018: I laughed. I cried. I raaaaaaaaaaaged! – 04.27.18
Uncle Yo's Spring 2018: Dancing with magical girl-men and dragons, lamenting a persona. – 04.20.18
Ink's Winter 2018: A lot to love (and too little time). – 02.01.18
Evan’s Winter 2018: Too gdgd to be true. – 01.30.18
Alex's Winter 2018: Cute girls doing all sorts of things. – 01.29.18
Jared’s Fall 2017: Comfort Food – 10.30.17
Evan’s Fall 2017: Competitive murder, philosophical murder, and gemstone murder – 10.26.17
Alex's Fall 2017: Journeys of Heart and Adrenaline – 10.25.17
Ink's Fall 2017: Garo at the finishing line – 10.25.17
Ink's Summer 2017: The horror! The horror! – 08.01.17
Ink's Spring 2017: Attack of the Sequels, Rise of the Shorts – 04.24.17
Alex's Spring 2017: Solid sequels and a promising spiritual successor to Shirobako. – 04.21.17
Jared's Winter 2017: A little bit of everything. – 01.30.17
Ink's Winter 2017: Of maids and monsters. – 01.28.17
Uncle Yo's Winter 2017: All supernatural, but not all good. – 01.27.17
Alex's Winter 2017: Returning favorites and a new letdown. – 01.26.17
Jared's Fall 2016: Slow burns and burning passions – 10.28.16
Alex's Fall 2016: A well-balanced (anime) diet – 10.23.16
Ink's Fall 2016: Ifs, ands, and butts. – 10.22.16
Jared's Summer 2016: Slices of Life, Food, and Foes – 07.25.16
Ink's Summer 2016: Watching for reactions. – 07.23.16
Alex's Summer 2016: The sweet days of cheering on orange boys – 07.20.16
Phillip's Spring 2016: Novel combinations, shallow allusions, and invested repetition: anime strikes again! – 05.08.16
Jared's Spring 2016: Bizzare adventures in (demi-)humanity – 05.02.16
Evan's Spring 2016: All Trigger, All the Time – 04.30.16
Uncle Yo's Spring 2016: A Welcome Respite – 04.24.16
Evan's Winter 2016: One standout and a few potentials in a mostly boring season. – 01.29.16
Jared's Winter 2016: Deviation as Delight – 01.28.16
Phillip's Winter 2016: Short shorts win in winter. – 01.25.16
Evan's Fall 2015: Hell's frozen over: I'm watching (several) anime. – 10.25.15
Ink's Fall 2015: Surrounded By Monsters – 10.25.15
Phillip's Fall 2015: Inside the Beautiful Surgeon – 10.24.15
Jared's Summer 2015: A season of conditional devotion. – 08.04.15
Phillip's Summer 2015: Battles of Food and Fantasy – 08.03.15
David's Summer 2015: Idols ruin everything. – 08.02.15
Ink's Summer 2015: I'm boycotting anime until Wakako-Zake streams. – 08.02.15
Jared's Spring 2015: Arslan Arslan ARSLAN! – 05.01.15
Evan's Spring 2015: 30 Minutes Is Too Much – 05.01.15
Ink's Spring 2015: High School Drama Slayer – 04.26.15
Phillip's Spring 2015: Delicious Fanservice – 04.26.15