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FUNimation to announce ten new series before year's end [EDIT 4]

New Show A-Go-Go

On December 17th, big-name anime distributor FUNimation announced that they would be announcing a new anime license each day in the ten days leading up to New Year's Eve. They have already completed seven of their ten announcements, which we have listed for you below. I'll be coming back to edit these posts as the next three licenses are announced.

  1. Ikki Tousen (Enoki Films) – orig. Geneon
  2. Gad Guard (Gonzo) – orig. Geneon
  3. Vandread (Gonzo) – orig. Geneon
  4. Nabari no Ou (D. Rights)
  5. Last Exile (Gonzo) – orig. Geneon
  6. Oh! Edo Rocket (Madhouse)
  7. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (Gonzo) – orig. Geneon
  8. EDIT 1: Slayers Revolution (Enoki Films)
  9. EDIT 2: Gungrave (Mahouse) – orig. Geneon
  10. EDIT 3: Samurai Champloo (Manglobe INC.) – orig. Geneon
  11. Soul Eater (Media Factory)
  12. Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone (NTV)

More commentary on the licenses will be coming after FUNi has released all of the information. Until then, let me just point to the five mentions of Gonzo Digimation Holdings (GDH) on that list - a clear indicator that the anime studio's decision to release some of its shows directly to the American market over the Internet has not caused any major friction between GDH and their mainstays at FUNimation.

EDIT 3: Yes, yes, I know that FUNi just picked up Eva. I'll have commentary after I finish friggin' CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR!

EDIT 4: So, here I thought that FUNimation had reached the pinnacle of their announcements when they put out the post about Samurai Champloo. It's a pretty cool (and very popular show), so they decided to save it until the end. That makes sense. Then Soul Eater hit us. This is a show that some people have called the second coming of Bleach, so I'm sure it's going to be a big hit. Still, Soul Eater is really not that important in the grand scheme of things. After all, it doesn't seem to have the momentum needed to surpass its rival shonen action series.

But FUNimation wasn't done. As of the December 30 announcement, Rebuild of Evangelion is now in the hands of the most powerful company in the American anime industry. With AD Vision (owners of the Evangelion TV anime and the presumptuous licensees of Rebuild) unfortunately out of the picture due to financial problems, FUNimation has finally picked up the one franchise that truly represents their new found prominence. My friends, the torch has been passed.

All that remains to be seen is how the release will pan out. Will the original dub actors reprise their iconic roles? Spike Spencer is a little too old to whine his way into Shinji's character, and I'm sure it would be lots of trouble to bring back everybody else as well. Plus, will the practically-defunct but still-functioning ADV be doing the dub, or will FUNimation take up the reins? If you hear anything about the Eva 1.0 release, be sure to let us know.

Evangelion has found a new home. What an interesting way to usher in a new year for anime in America...

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